TSG Herts – offering a safe space to meet, central for transport links and accessible for all. The hall is split into two parts, one where group discussions take place and the other for socialising and games. Although the hall is very expensive, TSG has chosen to stay put, as the group really love it there.

TSG SOFA (significant others, friends & allies) – this group was formed to provide support for the families, friends and significant others.  This group meets at the same time in a separate room from TSG, in the same building. This has been very well attended and has grown consistently since we started in Sept 2018.

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The story behind TSG, told by the founder

"TSG Herts was created due to my son struggling without support after transitioning and coming out.  Initially, he was supported by Youth connections, however, their maximum age was 17 and the support for people with disabilities up to 25 was stopped.

So 18+ and on the autistic spectrum, my son's mental health spiralled and he was struggling massively. As a mum, it was a horrid thing to see and feel so helpless. Then I heard about a HCC initiative allowing you to submit a “good idea” and if there was a gap in service or a real need they would consider providing funding.  My son Taran and I created a presentation (well he did most of it) and I presented it. We were successful and HCC gave £3000 to get the group started."

A peak inside the group

The group has chosen to have two areas to sit, one for discussion and the second to do activities and play games.  We noticed that they were more open when they are playing games and are naturally socialising. We have a projector available as part of the hall hire where they can have a movie social evening if they want. The group has 2 facilitators at present, who volunteer as the group as a whole are very quiet and shy and need some structure for now. They is now considering going out socially as a group, this is huge as they all struggle with poor mental health, social anxiety and generally do not socialise easily.

TSG are now running a second session, which includes a place to sit and chat over a tea or coffee, as well as regular visits from MIND. The group members have requested MIND to come in and give tutorials on self-care such as applying makeup, styling hair and caring for nails. They also offer their services to the group.


What's next for TSG?

We have had contact with MIND who are happy to come and visit the group to share their services, we also want to create links with our community and be able to signpost people to services where needed. For example, DWP benefits, Sexual health clinic (who we have made contact with). We also plan on visiting community centres and GP surgeries to give out our leaflets.   

We also focus on mental health and want to strengthen our preventative approach, allowing people to reach out and seek help.  As part of this, we have sourced a private swimming pool and a lifeguard so we can offer the trans community a trans-friendly swimming session each month. This is good exercise, but also good for peoples wellbeing.  We are also in talks with a gym, discussing the possibility of getting a trans-friendly gym hour and we have been offered free meditation sessions there.

We aim to have a stand at Herts Pride again and are looking into the possibility of taking a group of people to Trans Pride in July.

Finally, we are in the process of organising a fundraiser quiz night.

Get involved!

Group monthly meetings, swim sessions and more.

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We have 2 groups for over 18s, which run on the 2nd Thursday of the month:

  • Group for those who identify as trans or non-binary.
  • Group for parents, carers, family and friends.

Contact us on 07725 780 787 or info@tsgherts.uk for venues and details.