June 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to our first Newsletter!

Our Story …

Synestra CIC has been running since 2015 and was created following the death of a young transgender woman who did not receive the necessary support to become the person she was destined to be.

Our work following the black-tie event …

Following our successful black-tie event in November 2018, we would like to give you an update on where all of your donations have been used.

We are currently distributing a poster in support of the trans community. Which we have sent to all GPs in Hertfordshire and have begun to send this to all schools within Hertfordshire

We have also paid for training for residential children’s workers from in-house services in Hertfordshire who received trans awareness training from Gendered Intelligence, plus two sessions in the community also delivered by Gendered Intelligence. The feedback was extremely positive e.g ‘This session was very useful, educational, appropriate & necessary. All people should be educated.’ ‘Very effective and informative’

Our website is taking shape, thanks to Petr Kadlec from Smart Growth Media, and we want to encourage partners to put up their services on our site. The purpose is to signpost trans people to services that can both provide universal and specialist support.  

We have also set up a donation page on our site, as many lovely people have offered to send donations in. https://synestra.co.uk/donate/

If you would like a printed copy of our poster please let us know and we will send you one over and would kindly ask that you share and display in your services.  Thank you very much for your support.

Future work …

If you would like to help us with our cause or believe there is something that we can do going forward please contact us either through the website or email us on the below address.

Synestra CIC GDPR

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Thank you for your continued support.

With best wishes,

Amanda De Courcy
Synestra CIC

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