Michelle Maddison

"I am one Transgender woman but I have a BIG mouth"

My Story

I am a 47-year-old Transgender Woman who spent 41 years of her life pretending to be something I never should have been but they were different times. More difficult times for anyone LGBT or questioning given the implementation of section 28 and then the AIDS epidemic of the 90s.

The one good thing that came out of those years were my two children that I would never have had otherwise.

I spent my youth onwards attempting a slow suicide. I couldn't be who I felt inside so engaged in every type of dangerous sport in a reckless manner as is quite common in the Transgender community.

I spent the next couple of years gaining my identity, confidence and voice as a proud Transgender woman. This was no easy feat as I faced a lot of adversity every way I turned but this just made me more determined to show Trans folk aren't freaks and do everything I could to gain a platform to raise visibility, awareness and understanding for our extremely vulnerable Trans community.

Michelle Has Made a BIG Impact

  • Chairperson for the Hertfordshire Transgender Steerage Group.
  • Chairperson for the Service User Council with HPFT.
  • Part of the Hertfordshire LGBT panel.
  • Part of Spot The Signs group run by Mind and HPFT on Suicide awareness.
  • Filmed with PinkNews.
  • Volunteer coordinator for HertsPride team in 2018 (Hemel Hempstead)
  • Co-founded Trans-Fusion CIC.
  • Helps train Hertfordshire Police Cadets
  • part of the training for Hertfordshire Police cadets by giving talks on being a Transgender with MH struggles.

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